Optimization Consulting

SimpleRose provides consulting services to customers who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of optimizing for their business as well as to those who are experienced in applying optimization to management’s decision making.

The Power of Optimization

Improve business outcomes

Whether you seek to minimize costs, improve inventory controls, refine delivery routes and schedules, reduce risk, or any of a myriad of operational challenges, mathematical optimization can provide you with prescriptive analytics to inform your decision-making.

Strategic Decisions

Optimization provides the best answers for your business

Optimization enables you to transform your knowledge about your business into strategic action plans. Optimization is more than just cost cutting; it can be used in production planning and scheduling, forecasting accuracy, inventory management, workforce scheduling, etc. Essentially any business process or function that can be measured can be optimized.

Your Business – Your Opportunities

SimpleRose creates a unique model for your business

Our optimization platform integrates with common databases and information collection systems to create a model of the unique characteristics of your business and runs an analysis that incorporates constraints specific to your situation. The result is a picture of your operation that enables you to see where there are opportunities for improvement.

Customized Solutions

Consultation to identify the business problems or processes that mathematical optimization can improve

Identification of the data and constraints needed to build the solution

A custom optimization model (solution) representing the business problem or process

A dynamic model that can be re-run with updated data or constraints to support continued decision-making

A custom web interface to the solution, including input dashboard for iterative model runs and an interactive output dashboard/map to display the results

Data Services

We offer a full range of data services

Constructing a model of your business that allows you to predict the impact of decisions and maintain business continuity, even when random events start happening that throw off your plan.

Collecting and analyzing data that’s key to your business, surfacing new insights, and helping you to visualize your data in ways that increase your operational efficiency.

Leveraging our industry-leading knowledge of optimization to build custom decision support tools to aid you in making the decisions that have the greatest impact on your business.

Optimization Platform

Scalable, high-performance optimization at your fingertips.

The SimpleRose platform — hardware and solver software — is a cloud-delivered service, vastly simplifying the adoption of optimization across your enterprise. By using our high-performance computing SaaS service, you can improve your business outcomes without adding to your IT infrastructure or headcount.

SaaS delivery is also highly scalable, and thus affordable. With SimpleRose you pay only for the computing power that you need at a given point. As you need additional resources (i.e., more and/or better processors) you can add them. When you do not require large computing resources you can scale down and turn off the resources you don’t need.

Cloud-based delivery is also more reliable because of increased fault tolerance and redundancy. As optimization problems grow larger in size or become more frequent, they can be reliably solved without worrying about hardware capacity and limitations.

SimpleRose Expertise

Our experts are ready to optimize your business.

Our team has expertise in optimization, operations research, data science, statistics, and Agile project management. The team includes 9 PhDs from top universities and experienced data science professionals with years of applied experience in their field.

Overall, the team is well-equipped to tackle complex problems by integrating skills in modeling, simulation, advanced analytics, and cutting-edge technologies across various domains. Their ability to lead strategically, apply decision intelligence, and build intelligent digital products results in a comprehensive understanding of the intersection between technology and business.

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