Turning Data Into Improved Business Outcomes

SimpleRose provides optimization services that analyze business-critical decisions and provide prescriptive action plans, turning data into improved business outcomes.

Challenging the Limits of Data Science

SimpleRose offers consulting and computing services to elevate decision-making, leveraging cutting-edge high-performance computing and proprietary software to unlock insights from operational data.

Amidst the complexities of today’s data landscape, we go beyond traditional business intelligence, ensuring relevant information is quickly turned into actionable decisions. By harnessing the power of data science, we enable you to make informed choices now, shaping a resilient and growth-focused future for your business.

Discover the Power of Optimization

With our comprehensive solver and services, you’ll gain insights into untapped solutions and make data-driven decisions which will maximize efficiency across your business functions.

Computing Services

Use an innovative
high-performance computing optimization solver via SaaS delivery

Operations Research Experts

To help you create, implement, and improve your models

Flexible Licensing Terms

Pay for what you use when you need it

Patented Solver Methods

Unprecedented numerical accuracy and massively parallel computation

The Only
GPU-Enabled Solver

Take advantage of explosion in NVIDIA GPU capabilities for performance

The Only Cloud
Native Solver

Scale efficiently, deploy instantly, use fewer or more computing resources as needed

Play the Optimization Game: Slick Oil

See how optimization can make you an oil tycoon!

“I really appreciate what SimpleRose has done for us.
It shows insight into the way we’re thinking about and running our business.”

-General Manager of a Manufacturing Company

Discover the power of automation with our comprehensive solver and services

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