Optimization Computing

Rose is a mathematical solver that delivers speed, stability, and accuracy through its innovative and scalable architecture delivered on massively parallel hardware.


Rose’s powerful MIP algorithm provides optimal solutions for the largest problems.

Rose is built for modern, supercomputer architectures—able to take advantage of massively parallel, distributed HPC systems, the hardware that is driving AI innovation.

Delivered over a cloud-based service, Rose offers “fire and forget” ease of use, always-on activity logs, and rich solve metrics and history. The platform offers a low barrier to entry eliminating the need for installing, configuring, and maintaining software.

Rose’s breakthrough technology—achieving parallel performance previously not thought possible—allows you to solve larger and more complex problems. Rose can scale to hundreds of machines achieving 100X speed ups or more.

Real-world problems typically have integer constraints, and the larger and more complex a mixed integer problem is, the more computation it will require to solve. Over the last 20 years MIP solver performance across the industry has improved due to increases in hardware performance as well as techniques that reduce the problem size.

Flexible Cloud Delivery and Licensing

Deployed on the cloud, Rose is highly scalable and affordable. With SimpleRose you pay for only what you use.

As you need additional resources to solve larger problems (e.g., more processors) it is easy to turn them on. There’s no need to buy additional hardware. The Rose platform also makes it easy to scale down and turn off resources you don’t need.

As your optimization problems grow larger in size or become more frequent, they can be reliably solved without worrying about hardware capacity and limitations. Cloud delivery also provides increased reliability and redundancy.


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Our consulting team is known for their operational excellence and experience and can provide guidance for creating, implementing, and tuning models. Our technical team is always standing by to provide technical support.

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